Assistant Professor of Finance

University of Western Ontario

Ivey Business School


Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario. My research interests broadly lie in asset pricing with an emphasis on market microstructure, information economics, and asset management. Specifically, I explore the process of price formation in the capital markets and attempt to understand the information acquisition and trading behavior of investors with differential objectives and access to information. I am particularly interested in the effects of technological innovations in the asset management sector on financial market quality and portfolio allocation.

In one of my projects, I theoretically document and provide supportive empirical evidence for a novel driver of passive investing: falling costs to fundamental information. In other ongoing work, I study the implications of quantitative mutual funds and exchange traded products to market quality.

I received my Ph.D. in Finance from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan in 2021. Prior to pursuing my doctorate, I spent over six years at Citadel and Millennium as a fundamental equity investor focusing on the energy industry. I graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2006 with B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Economics.

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